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Oral Hygiene

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Your smile speaks for itself.
It indicates not only your state of mind but also reveals a number of habits of nutrition, hygiene and health. Spotted or darkened teeth may reveal that you are a smoker or that you eat foods with strong pigments (beets, red fruits, red wine, tea, coffee).
All these spots are external and can be removed in the Oral Hygiene consultation. However, there are other stains that are internal to the teeth and in these cases only doing a tooth whitening will remove them and achieve 'that' white smile!
Your breath is also revealing, it can vary throughout the day as well as throughout life, did you know this? This is altered by respiratory problems, acidity of the stomach, existence of cavities or because your oral hygiene is not as perfect as it should and simpler than anything ... brushing the tongue every day especially in the posterior portion removes most of the bacteria that can cause this altered breath.

In Portugal, recent studies in this area reveal frightening numbers:
  • More than 20% of teens do not brush their teeth daily.
  • 13% Have never been to the dentist.
  • More than 40% of those who attended the dentist were motivated by pain and dental problems.
  • Only 4% use dental floss.

Dental Implants

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What is a dental implant?
The implant consists of a small titanium screw that will replace the root of the tooth, which is used to fix a crown (tooth).
Around the titanium implant will occur an osseointegration process, which consists of the formation of bone tissue around the implant, allowing a stable and lasting fixation. The waiting time to place the fixed teeth (crowns) to the implants will vary.
These decisions are taken on a case-by-case basis, taking into account the risk / benefit and the indication of the different techniques.
Through implantology, both unitary and partial rehabilitations or either totaly fixed or semi-fixed rehabilitations are performed.

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